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Adrellia Village #38: SE Adrellia Village #38: SE

Rated 5 / 5 stars

People complaining about images and calling stuff lazy with no helpful advice, blah blah worthless reviews. People, do you Honestly care if a walk cycle has frames or not? NO! That kind of Tech stuff isn't gonna make this Movie communicate better what it is trying to communicate. I found this interesting to watch, it doesn't have to make me laugh to entertain me. Sometime a slice of quirky life is interesting in it's own right. I like the pacing and how we go to different scenes. As long as I can see a gag and it isn't indecent, it's good. Stuff to be careful of is things getting missed cause they happen too fast, NEVER be ashamed to slow down animation, even if you have very few frames. Like the words on the wall being hard or on the magazine being too read (although I really don't care about words much), I'm too busy enjoying the tip toe animation or noticing that it says PALY BOY on the book. AlsoThe Water splash in the face happened too fast, it might have been seen better with a hold on that splash graphic longer than a couple frames or add an impact splash Graphic. Good work.

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thank you very much for your review! For episode 39, I will make sure that the animation has better timing.

Thanks again!

Family Guy in a nutshell Family Guy in a nutshell

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Exactly. Family Guy is Cartoon-Douche-Baggery. I like the Commedore/Amiga type music at the End. I listened till it went silent 0_0

MistyEntertainment responds:

It's an honor to have you review one of my stuff. Thank you very much, and hopefully you will as well find enjoyment in some of my more serious artistic endeavors.

Strawberry's Break #3 Strawberry's Break #3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's stuff like this that keep Newgrounds great. 5/5 10/10. Only complaint anyone can say is, they want more.

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Story of the Blanks Story of the Blanks

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Too frustrating having to read all the dialog OVER AND OVER every time I die. Thank God I can just go to Youtube and watch some other poor soul play through this unfun game. However it is functional.

Luigi Platformer Tutorial Luigi Platformer Tutorial

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I tried it as I watched you Flash vid

I thought it only fair to actually try this as I watched your video.
I turned down the Volume, as nice as the song is, after a while I feel like I am in the proverbial padded room.

So I'm dragging " player" symbol Movie clip onto the stage and clicking on Properties and naming it "Player." little details like that would better communicate to people who may not know the interface so well.

I already drew the guy on the Register, thankfully, but that was a guess on my part cause I didn't read ahead in your tutorial. I was able to Highlight the Code for the player, but I cannot see a highlight, so I suppose I will operate blindly and it works.

IT WORKS! Haha! That got a laugh out of me. Very good. Seeing as I am not a programmer, but an arteest, I want to learn the simplest ways to make games, and this awesome.

Now for extra credit, the score. You say Var, and there is no "Var" in Properties of a dynamic text in cs4, I know it means Variable... Oh wait I found "Variable" it doesn't say Var for CS4. the Coin was easy enough to paste in the same way as the game Code.

Testing... Awwww, I can't pick up the Coin :( BUT THE SCORE IS THERE! :)
Maybe I copied it wrong, it looks good, I'll delete it and try again.
Still no. hmmm, I'll move on. oh that's it for the tutorial? That was painless:)
Ok, well I can make a game out of this, coins aren't everything.

Well I had fun doing this and that's worth a 5 outta 5. You taught me something new and I will study. Gotta deduct a point for the coin thing though in my review
I did copy it twice. NOW GO WATCH MY DORA NO MORE flash video I uploaded after yours HAHAHA!

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DevThomas responds:

I don't seem to know why the coin didn't work. The code on that is what I used for this very tutorial! xD

Anyways, I'm glad that it helped you accomplish something new! I'm just here to provide the tutorials and the resources! :D

Abobo's Big Adventure Abobo's Big Adventure

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Sensory pleasure for everything but the hands

I like the Graphics and animation and sound. I think Nostalgia ensures that to be so. The plot was interesting to and seeing the variety in locations was cool. However I don't like the way the game feels.

Button Mashers have come a long way since Double Dragon and Ninja Turtles, however this game is lacking the joy and satisfaction of Punch and Impact. I should be able to shut my eyes and feel the enjoyment, at a finger tip level, of the game.

There isn't any rhythm or comfortably interesting strategy of attack pattern for my guy, just tap till it hurts.

Advance Guardian Heroes for GBA is the best example of a Brawler Beatem Up which demonstrates True isometric 3D gameplay in it's final evolution. In that game, You can effectively and comfortably hit enemies while enjoying the design of everything.

If not for the Nostalgia and smooth animation, I would have scored it lower. As it is, I am sticking my neck out for you with a NON-suck-up opinion. I offer this precious information and hope you take it into consideration for you next project.

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Abobo responds:

The point of this was to make it feel like the originals from the 1980's. Maybe that point was lost on your high-end taste in beat-em-ups :-)

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